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DJSI recognizes KPN as one of the most sustainable telecom companies

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Frequently invisible, always indispensable

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Proud sponsor and fan of Dutch football

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Innovation gives meaning to technology

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Protection of the online world

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KPN Annual Report 2018

The power of connection

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This is what KPN stands for

We believe that technology is the answer to the questions of today and tomorrow. There are 5 themes that are important to KPN, areas where, thanks to our expertise and our network, we can play a meaningful role.

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Together we make things better

The KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds has been involved in special social initiatives for more than ten years. Using technology, media and people we help vulnerable people to get in touch with the world around them. A great example is the Dirk Kuyt Foundation, which devotes itself to helping people with a disability take part in sporting events.

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