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Public campaigns

Aware of the potential and the risks

The digital world offers endless possibilities. Unfortunately, there are also dangers. By participating in a number of information campaigns, we’re making a wide public aware of the potential risks. An overview of the campaigns that KPN is involved in.


8 out of 10 Dutch fail to protect their telephone, tablet and mobile data from theft. Even though it’s really easy to do. With an anti-theft function, you can block a mobile device remotely. This makes the stolen device useless to thieves. Together with the Ministry of Security and Justice and other telecom companies, KPN supports the Boefproof information campaign.

Alert Online

Many Dutch people take moving around the digital world for granted. But they often overlook online security. For this reason, KPN is a partner of the annual Alert Online campaign. Together with the government and other companies, we want to give Dutch people the knowledge and skills to use technology consciously in order to prevent cybercrime. So that everyone is aware and can take advantage of the digital world securely.

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Protecting young users

The first steps online