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Sponsor and fan of skating throughout the Netherlands

When it's freezing, the Dutch thaw out. Because skating has such a power to connect, KPN is lead sponsor of the KNSB (Royal Dutch Skating Association). We’re giving all skating lovers a helping hand: from professionals like Sven Kramer to natural ice skaters and children trying skating for the first time.

Skating is a popular sport that gets huge numbers of people moving and brings them together – especially where there is natural ice. By sponsoring skating, typically Dutch KPN not only wants to connect with the Netherlands, but it especially wants to contribute to the development of Dutch skating in the broadest sense. This way, we ensure that everyone can enjoy skating. Actively involved, as a supporter alongside the ice or in front of the TV.

We support a wide range of disciplines and levels within the sport of skating. From marathon to short track, from team pursuit to skating on natural ice. And when there’s no ice, we sponsor inline skating.

This is what we’re doing around skating.

Special ice rinks

The Netherlands’ Coolest Rink

KPN makes it possible for skating fans to strap on their blades at unique locations. For example, in the winter of 2018, we have turned the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam into one giant ice rink: the Netherlands’ Coolest Rink. Just as in 2014, when we did this for the first time, this was an ice rink for everyone: from school children to professionals.

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High-tech skating chair

Keeping the youngest children upright

Together with several Olympic champion Sven Kramer, KPN launched a hypermodern version of the classic kitchen chair that has kept children upright on the ice for generations. Research suggests that many children can’t skate. With this advanced chair, KPN wants to introduce the youngest children to the pleasure of skating. After the debut of the chair on the Netherlands' Coolest Rink, it can be found this year at the ICE TIME! festival at various temporary locations.

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Natural ice

Frost brings skating fever

When it’s been freezing for a few days, something special happens in our country. As soon as there is natural ice, the focus shifts to canals, lakes and flooded meadows and we all want to have some time on the ice. If there’s something that connects people in the Netherlands, it’s our love of natural ice.

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KPN national championships

Festive atmosphere in the KPN clubhouse

At the KPN Allround & Sprint national championships, it’s all about the best skaters in our country setting fast lap times and winning medals. But the entertainment is just as important. Performances, mascotte races, games and autograph sessions provide additional excitement in Thialf. Check here how to get tickets via KPN.

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ICE TIME! Kids Club

Getting acquainted with a cool sport

To show children aged between 6 and 12 what fun ice skating and inline skating are, KPN and the KNSB have started the ICE TIME! Kids Club. Champions such as Barbara de Loor, Annamarie Thomas and Mariska Huisman share their enthusiasm for the sport at special ice skating and inline skating clinics. A special curriculum has been developed that is available free of charge for primary schools. Every year tens of thousands of children learn how to skate with the ICE TIME! Kids Club, both on the temporary ICE TIME! rinks in the country as well as on the 400-meter artifical ice rinks.

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Skating fun in the village square

During the winter season (December and January) small and sociable ice rinks are constructed on village or town squares throughout the Netherlands. Children take their first steps at learning to skate on these rinks. And the ICE TIME! Kids Club provides lessons there for youngsters.

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Everything that skating fans want to know

Every season, more than 5 million skating fans visit Schaatsen.nl, the interactive portal developed by KPN in association with the KNSB. On the website you’ll find the latest news, background, results, exclusive video reports, biographies of athletes and an up-to-date competition calendar.

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KPN Skating Friends Day

Together on ice

Sport should also be possible for people with disabilities. That is why KPN supports the Disabled Sports Fund and jointly we organize the annual KPN Skating Friends Day. Together with family and friends, more than 2,000 children with disabilities come to skate and participate in activaties on and around the ice. A great success are the clinics that are held by former skaters who help the children to get acquainted with the skating sport in a playful way. The KNSB is also an organizer of this initiative.

TEAMKPN Sportfonds

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