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Dutch football

Proud sponsor and fan of Dutch football

Football is connected to the Netherlands, our culture and our history. It is the country’s most popular sport. KPN supports Dutch football across the board, from the Eredivisie to the 1.2 million amateur footballers.

We use our ICT and telecom services to make the life of the millions of active and passive Dutch football lovers freer, easier and more fun. With technology we connect the fans with their footballing heroes. And in the coming years we will do so throughout the Netherlands.

This is what we're doing for Dutch football:

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Lead sponsor of the Eredivisie

KPN is proud to be the lead sponsor of the Eredivisie since 2017. Our customers will be able to follow all the Eredivisie matches live on the FOX Sports Eredivisie channel. So that fans never have to miss a goal we introduced the KPN Goal Alert app. It allows fans to watch on their smartphone the pictures of the goal that “their” club has just scored. KPN mobile customers can also get all the weekly highlights of all the Eredivisie matches automatically and free of charge via the app. For the years ahead we have various products and services in the pipeline that will enhance the experience of Dutch football fans both inside and outside the stadiums.

Sponsor of the KNVB

KPN has sponsored the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) since September 2017. With this sponsorship KPN supports Dutch football across the board, from the Dutch national men’s and women’s teams to the local amateur associations. This partnership makes it possible for our customers to discover the sport in a variety of ways: match tickets, football clinics, an exclusive KPN football camp on the KNVB campus and various prize draws centering on matches. On the 'Oranjepleinen' – the places where supporters gather before matches – KPN organizes a variety of activities. Using the motto 'Reload & Relax' we provide charging points where football fans can charge their cellphones.

We offer amateur associations a variety of ICT and telecom services. These include KPN Hotspots for secure Wi-Fi, cloud services that facilitate mobile payments, and narrowcasting which allows associations to watch channels such as Fox Sports Eredivisie.

Through our partnership with the KNVB we also connect vulnerable sections of society with Dutch football via the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds.

We are partner of a number of large sports facilities where visitors can enjoy football. Read more about this on our Partnerships page.

KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds

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