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KPN's startup events in February

KPN is taking part in Rotterdam Unlocked with a nice challenge on automated and connected driving. The sign-up deadline has passed already, so now we will be continuing with the execution. On February 6th we will start with the Rotterdam Unlocked diner to get to know the GITR team and the other corporates. We love this city!

February 6 we will also participate in the first Costa knowledge sharing session. Here we will actively share knowledge with one another on startup scouting, this way all participating corporates can inspire and learn from each other. Philips’ Rocco van den Berg, Eneco’s Glenn Bijvoets and KPN will kick of this session by sharing their best practices. Pieter Paul van Oerle, will share his excellent scouting skills from Accenture Innovation Awards and TNW. We will wrap up the day with one-on-one speed dates. Since Costa is free, we would like to encourage corporates that would like to innovate with startups to bolster this network. Let me know.

February 6 we will also be joining a closed session with prime minister Rutte by TEKdelta, together with 3 startups, ,, and RevelX. How great is that? The prime minister of The Netherlands is personally invested in the startup climate of The Netherlands. And that we have the possibility to show him both how well the Netherlands is doing and what support we need to improve in the future. We are looking forward to it! February 7 KPN will be organizing another API challenge in which we will be searching for third parties in Transport and Logistics. The goal will be to boost the KPN API store sales of these startups’ API’s. We are very much looking forward to hearing the pitches and wish the participants good luck!

February 7 the 4th edition of the World Startup Factory New Business Summit we also be today. Fully energized we will be taking part in breakout sessions on varying topics, get to see some new innovations and be speed dating with promising startups. We will conclude this afternoon with some drinks and music! It’s amazing to see every instance of this event grow both in size and in impact, we are a proud partner of the WSF.

February 13 KPN will go to Grey Valley for a speed dating session. With the help of KPN eHealth experts we are hoping to find promising start ups who can help us with high-impact solutions in helping seniors to be self-reliant for longer. We are looking forward to meeting the startups!

February 14 we will be exploring Fintech & Cybersecurity at the Startup Bootcamp Demo Day. Here, 12 startups from the Startup Bootcamp program will be inspiring us with their pitches and the work they have been doing for the past three months. We are eager to find out!

February 18/19 we will be participating in the PortXL selection days on. Here startups will be competing for a spot in the 3-month accelerator program of PortXL for accelerating innovation in the port area. After 2 days of speed dating the 15 best startups who will be participating the March PortXL program will be announced.

February 19/20 the Rotterdam innovation scene will be turned on its head by Rotterdam Unlocked in which Rotterdam corporates will be spending 1-2 days speed dating with the best international parties to find solution for their Challenges. KPN will be selecting the best party for cooperation for our challenge on connected and automated driving. The winner, who will be working with us on a pilot in our 5G field lab, will be presented on 20 February. Since we have already selected the best 15 parties we are eager to start speed dating and initiating the pilot.

February 20 from Tekdelta on we, and 15 other corporates, will be speed dating with high-tech startups provided by GITR on the theme mobility. Furthermore, we will be inspired and inspiring others on mobility. We are sure we will find great matches, both with startups and with other corporates.

February 25 we will be organizing out monthly KPN Startup Monday Lunch. Come join us for a casual lunch where you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea to relevant KPN-experts or just to validate your business! A lot of fun and a nice way to create a valuable network within KPN. Click this link to order your tickets now!

February 26 will be networking at the first 24U StartUp of the new year. We don’t know yet who we will meet there but from experience we can say that these matches are always good and with alike open minds.

Finally we have a little nugget to share with you, on March 6 we will be hosting the 12e KPN Startup Evening in Rotterdam. Check out our video for an impression of this evening where you can network with more than 350 people in our ecosystem (such as Startups, Venture funds, Corporates). After every instance of this event we receive praise from Startups we have been able to effectively expand their network or have even been able to foster deals, that why we do it! Beyond networking we will show some innovations from selected startups and KPN, we provide the possibility for startups to speed date with KPN Ventures and other non-KPN investors. Lastly, we will be organizing a breakout session on our 5G connected and automated driving lab in Helmond. This is clearly hot in the startup scene, we already have 100 registrations for this component of the evening. You can order your ticket through this link. Be quick, as places are limited!

We hope to see you at one of our events! If you have any questions, please send an email to

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