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KPN's startup events in December

December 4, we will host our monthly internal KPN New Business Get Inspired session. Over lunch we will be updated about the latest developments concerning WeChat. WeChat may not be known that well in the Netherlands, in China it is has been the most used chat-app for years with over 800 million users. It combines features of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp into one app. Which turns into your go-to chat app for the Chinese. We’re getting more insights in their cooperation with KPN, providing the sims as well as European partners for their platform. This session will be all about informing and inspiring!

December 5, we will meet with the municipality of Rotterdam and other Rotterdam innovators over lunch. During this lunch we will brainstorm how Startups and Scaleups can be helped in the best way in Rotterdam. Exciting to work together with likeminded innovators and help Startups forward!

December 6, we will exchange knowledge with our friends of Business Models Inc. Gijs will update us about insights gained with their book “Business Model Shifts”, the BMI Venture Lab and we will bounce on our methodology concerning innovation within KPN as well as seeing their impressive office. Looking forward to exchanging all of this knowledge!

December 7, the Costa board will visit us in our brand new Rotterdam office. We will finalize our new Costa positioning in which we fully focus on customized knowledge sharing on working with Startups, amongst other corporates. Do you want to learn from other Corporats on working with Startups and committed to share, please join this great initiative, PM me!

December 10, we will brainstorm with Yask, our facility partner for years, and our IOT team on innovation and working with Startups. We believe in open innovation and act like it as well, looking forward to exploring unknown territories!

December 11, we will be present at the Connekt Affiliation Finals. Connekt will present the 10 mobility startups they will be working together with, all of those Startups are active in the field of smart, sustainable and social mobility. Happy to get to know them, love seeing new faces and innovations!

December 11, ABN-AMRO hosts a meeting for active LinkedIn posters. Looking forward to meet fellow LinkedIn passionistas!

December 13, we have a seat at the table during the board meeting of TekDelta. TekDelta is one of the partners with whom we have enjoyed a pleasant partnership over the past year. TekDelta connects high-tech Startups to leading Corporates and non-profits in the Netherlands. Aiming to keep the partnership going this way and push our best startups to other corporates next year as well!

December 20, we will be present at the Venture Café here in Rotterdam. Such an exciting atmosphere over there and always inspiring with so many investors, startups and other innovators around!

We hope to see you at one of our events! If you have any questions, please send an email to

We love Innovation, We love Startups!

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We have tried to make the upcoming months as interesting as possible for you as a startup. No idea which event you should choose? We'd like to help you find out. Just send us an e-mail.

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