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KPN's startup events in October

October 1, we attend the pre-event experience diner of the Impact Startup Fest with Startups, NGO’s, corporates and government representatives. An exclusive VIP diner where we get the chance to meet and connect with some very interesting guests, whilst seeing a sneak peak of the event that is held the day after.

October 1, the Rotterdam Partners Red Carpert Dinner takes place. During this event Rotterdam welcomes the international companies that have recently settled themselves in Rotterdam. The evening consist of a walking dinner and an innovation market which gives the opportunity to companies and institutes to present their innovative solutions. Exciting to welcome new innovating companies to Rotterdam!

October 2, it is time for the Impact Startup Fest. An event that brings the impact-ecosystem together in the Hague. The Fokker Terminal will be packed with all types of impact makers, connecting and starting new initiatives on important themes like climate action, energy and sustainability. Great event by Tom de Heus and the ImpactCity team! Get your tickets here.

October 3, we hope to see you at the Rotterdam Mobility Lab; Let’s Go event! 16 Startups in the area of smart mobility share their results from the tests they did in the Rotterdam city. They’ll pitch their business progress to reach for matches with attendees. Thanks Bas van Wieringen for again a great batch of Startups!

October 4, the RDM submarine wharf opens their doors for the Innovation Expo 2018! This expo consists of a series of events, various keynotes and an expo floor on which Dutch companies present their interesting and surprising solutions to global problems. Curious what those companies have to offer! Afterwards, 16 corporates will speeddate with creative and high tech Startups, looking forward for matches! Also, do not miss out on the opportunity to meet up with TekDelta over there!

October 10, KPN organizes a special stakeholder dialogue in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, a great inspirational location. After an inspirational session from Peter Joosten, various social impact sessions with internal- and external stakeholders will be held. Let’s learn from each other, and strive for the best innovation climate in the Netherlands.

October 11, KPN Ventures and KPN New Business combine forces to host the KPN Startup Circus 2018! During this event, which will be opened by our CFO Jan Kees de Jager. We’ve selected 15 international Startups to pitch their innovations to all KPN employees and speeddate with KPN decision makers. This event will close with an inspiring keynote from de CEO from Mendix; Derek Roos. Last year’s edition was a great success. Want to join? Get your tickets here! *only for KPN employees*

October 11, we will host our 11thKPN Startup Evening, an open and free event where you get the chance to meet Startups, investors and corporates. We will host a breakout session aimed at the functions of our API store, where Startups can place their API in our API Store. In addition there will be the possibility to speeddate between Startups, corporates and investors. With good food and drinks a perfectly casual evening for making deals and creating value together. Event is still open for registration, get your tickets here!

October 17, we receive a sneak preview of the internationally selected Startups by Collider, the leading madtech accelerator based in Amsterdam. See if we, together with some other cool corporates, can help them with the business opportunities or validation. Thanks Ellen Bark-Lindhout for a great meetup!

October 18, we’ll dive into the world of Smart Cities at the Startup Bootcamp Smart City Experience at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam. Startup Bootcamp offers the unique opportunity to experience the latest, cutting-edge innovations within the Smart City space with focus on Security, Sustainability and Efficient use of the public domain. Startup Bootcamp, we’re looking forward to it!

October 19, would you like to learn more about the ACE programs, get business advice or run your startup idea by one of ACE team members? Come to the Office Hours at ACE; this event is all about getting to know ACE and their programs. Meeting their Startups and see if we can help in validating potential cooperation’s with KPN or our network

October 23, the KPN eHealth team will gives us a keynote of their activities during the Get Inspired: eHealth lunch session. They will present which propositions are active in the market at this moment, which strategic opportunities the eHealth sector provide to KPN and what new developments we can expect in the future. The whole session is aimed at connecting colleagues internally and investigating how the New Business and the eHealth teams can empower each other. All in all an inspiring session relevant to all KPN employees!

November 2, the very best of the Dutch and international innovators, joined by corporates, influencers and our partners, will come together at the 12th edition of the Accenture Innovation Awards: the highlight of the yearly Accenture innovation journey. This event will present the best of the best in the following categories: climate, education, finance, health, living & working, mobility, nutrition and security. Curious to see what the finalists have to offer! On this event we will do Tekdelta speeddates again, matching highly curated Startups to our 16 corporate partners. A day full of inspiration!

We hope to see you at one of our events! If you have any questions, please send an email to

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