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KPN's startup events in August

August 9, we’ll visit the HightechXL  Innovation Café. A cool initiative from Eindhoven that brings talent, ideas and opportunities together to boost innovation. Always nice to step outside of our own region and see how other initiatives are doing their best to explore new possibilities!

August 16, we are visiting the accelerator of ING at Amsterdam, together with our recently appointed new EVP, Martijn Koning. We will be guided through ING’s Innovation Studio around the internal accelerator of ING to inspire us and show us some examples of how other big corporates are dealing with (open) innovation and do some IoT opportunity searches. Let’s learn from each other!

August 27, we organize our monthly KPN Startup Monday lunch. Come join us for a casual lunch where you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea to relevant KPN-experts or just to validate your business! A lot of fun and a nice way to create a valuable network within KPN. Open for all Startups, order your ticket here.

August 28, the 010 Urban Rebels will attend Jeroen Swolf’s exhibition called ‘The streets of the wolrd’. Which is an inspiring exhibition that portraits photographs of the street life in every country in the world, all photographs are taken with the same angle and lens. Resulting in a beautiful comparison of everyday life in different places around the world. Kudo’s to Jeroen Swolf’s for having us over.

August 29, we organize the ‘Pizza session for young talents’ in collaboration with the HR-department. We start with informing the young talents on how KPN New Business and KPN-Ventures work together with Startups. Then we will challenge the Young Talents to brainstorm with us and think about which element(s) of their jobs could be improved through open-innovation. To conclude the Pizza Session, we ask the talents to give their opinion on how we, from KPN, can give something back to the amazing Startup Community.

August 30, Guus Frericks and Anique Soetermeer, the founders of Hightech XL, will visit KPN at our Amsterdam office. This session will be used to share knowledge about innovation between KPN and Hightech XL and to strengthen the relationship between the two parties. Always inspiring to meet with an organization that is 100% focused on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

During August, we’ll also have a lot of 1-on-1 calls planned between Startups and KPN. The goal of these calls is to introduce Startups to the business and to discover new possibilities to start collaborations with and between KPN and the Startups. Only by collaborating we can help each other move forward. If you are a startup and you are interested in working with KPN, you can find some more information by clicking on this link.

We hope to see you at one of our events! For all your questions, send an email to

We love Innovation, We love Startups!

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We have tried to make the upcoming months as interesting as possible for you as a startup. No idea which event you should choose? We'd like to help you find out. Just send us an e-mail.

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