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Technology makes healthcare more efficient and accessible

Our eHealth applications keep care affordable and accessible for both patients and caregivers. We are working together with the healthcare sector to improve care throughout the Netherlands.

New technology contributes to greater patient safety and more efficient working practices in the healthcare sector. With these applications, KPN is helping to improve patients’ quality of life. And we’re finding cost-saving and more efficient solutions for often complicated care processes. Our eHealth applications, developed together with our subsidiary E-Zorg, benefit everyone, whether you’re a carer or being cared for.

In practice

Our Heart Rhythm Screening Tool is one such solution that benefits both patients and caregivers. We lend GPs heart monitoring devices that they can, in turn, loan to patients. With a heart monitor at home, patients can easily perform a cardiac scan as soon as any symptoms appear. The integrated SIM card automatically forwards the data to the Medical Service Center. The center evaluates 12,000 patients each year, in addition to providing advice and arranging medical assistance when necessary. The Heart Rhythm Screening Tool keeps patients informed and helps reduce unnecessary referrals by GPs.

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One of the applications that KPN has developed especially for the healthcare sector is the ZorgCloud. This video explains how the service works
Working together for better healthcare

Our goal is to create better, accessible and affordable healthcare for both patients and caregivers. But we cannot achieve this goal on our own. That is why we're bringing together patients, customers, healthcare professionals, ICT suppliers and promising eHealth start-ups. By combining strengths and jointly responding to needs in the healthcare market, we have created smart, innovative and secure solutions like the Hearth Rhythm Screening Tool, the secure digital Workplace for the Healthcare Sector, ZorgSlim Mobility for mobile healthcare applications, and secure connections via ZorgCloud. These innovative services reduce the burden on caregivers and give patients control over their lives. Together with the healthcare sector, we are improving healthcare throughout the Netherlands.

Want to learn more about how KPN contributes to even greater patient safety and more efficient working practices in the care sector? See our Smart Healthcare solutions and the website for our subsidiary E-zorg.

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