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KPN New Business

Innovate with impact

We can only make progress by working together. That’s why KPN is combining strengths with ambitious technology companies that are working on the applications of tomorrow.

KPN is an ambitious company whose technology is constantly breaking new ground. Working together with young and talented entrepreneurs is crucial to achieving this. KPN’s New Business team is connecting to start-ups that are exploring new boundaries. By working together, we’re accelerating the development of valuable ideas.

KPN New Business & start-ups

We are exploring collaborations with start-ups from within KPN Ventures and KPN New Business. KPN Ventures invests in products and applications that have already proven their worth. KPN New Business is developing the innovations of tomorrow. From within this branch of the business, we are looking every day for interesting companies to work with. And we are always checking whether this collaboration is delivering products and services that can help our customers. When we come across a promising idea, we are able to get it to market quickly via our internal incubator program.

Lab Days

In addition to the search for start-ups that we can work with, we also encourage innovative organizations and companies. For example, we organize Lab Days, meetings where we introduce participants to themes such as Connectivity, Internet of Things and Security. We also work together with universities, knowledge institutions and other large companies.

KPN Partnerworld program

To better help start-ups, we've established KPN Partnerworld. This program comprises elements that are accessible to all interested parties as well as elements that are only available to our collaborating partners or the start-ups that we invest in.

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Working together with KPN

Do you want to know more about working with KPN and our Partner program? You can find all the information that is relevant for start-ups and entrepreneurs below.

Are you connected to a start-up or an innovative outfit and are you interested in working with CUBES by KPN in the following ways?

  • Co-development of propositions that employ mutual assets for a total solution
  • KPN as Pilot Customer or Launching Customer
  • KPN as distributor

Get in touch with our Liaison Manager Start-ups & Incubators, Marie-Jose van den Boomgaard. Pitch your proposition clearly and detail a concrete request for help.

This will help us to help you quickly.

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Facts about KPN New Business

Objective: we innovate with impact. As the innovation engine of KPN, we develop the smartest data-driven services and technologies, such as the Internet of Things, APIs and blockchain. The developments contribute to a better, nicer and safer living environment for us all and are often bracketed together with smart health, smart home, smart building, smart city and cloud gaming development. In order to keep innovating with impact, we’re actively seeking collaborations with other innovative parties and start-ups.


KPN has an extensive partner network to support and connect start-ups and entrepreneurs with expertise, service and financing.

Our partners include: World Startup Factory Connectivity Accelerator, PortXL Accelerator, Cambridge Innovation Centre (CIC), Rotterdam Venture Café, The Startup Orgy, Tekdelta, YES!Delft incubator, Twente, The Hague Security Delta (HSD), StartupBootcamp Smart City & Living Accelerator, FinTech & Security Accelerator, Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator, Deloitte Fast Ventures, Accenture, Telefonica Open Future, Internet of Things Academy, Cottonwoord, RTL Ventures, Innovation Quarter, VCC, Healthvalley, StartupDelta, KEEN Venture Partners, Sustainable Healthcare Challenge, Orange Digital Ventures, Swisscom, The Hague Security Delta, School for Data Science, Tilburg Universiteit, Eindhoven University of Technology, Erasmus Centre for Entrepeneurship, Amsterdam Student Investment Fund, Sustainable Healthcare Challenge, Philips Innovation Awards, Founders+, Cisco, Intel Capital, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, UtrechtInc and Tekdelta.

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Corporate Startup Star

Our goal to achieve significant progress through collaborations with start-ups is abundantly clear from our 9th position in the list of Europe’s 25 Corporate Startup Stars. This is a list of 25 European companies that play an exemplary role in partnerships with start-ups and in driving innovation.

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