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KPN New Business

Innovate with impact

We can only make progress by working together. That’s why KPN is combining strengths with ambitious technology companies that are working on the applications of tomorrow.

KPN is an ambitious company whose technology is constantly breaking new ground. Working together with young and talented entrepreneurs is crucial to achieving this. KPN’s New Business team is connecting to start-ups that are exploring new boundaries. By working together, we’re accelerating the development of valuable ideas.

For the innovations of tomorrow

We are exploring cooperation with start-ups and scale-ups from KPN Ventures and KPN New Business. With KPN Ventures we invest in products and applications that already prove their value today. We develop tomorrow's innovations within KPN New Business.

Want to work as a start-up or scale-up with KPN?

We have several options for ambitious start-ups and scale-ups who want to work with us. To challenge each other and to speed up innovation.

Start-ups and scale-ups

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Collaborate in the KPN Open Innovation Hub

The KPN Open Innovation Hub develops new propositions and business models in the field of platforms and ecosystems. New solutions to make our customers' lives easier and more fun. We often work together with other parties. We use methodologies such as Design Thinking and Growth Hacking. To experiment with new ideas, to validate innovations and to accelerate growth.

Want to know more about the initiatives within the KPN Open Innovation Hub? Contact us via innovationhub@kpn.com


We also develop platforms ourselves to make technology accessible to partners and customers. This way our customers can obtain various APIs in our KPN API Store. These are digital building blocks to easily add to your own systems. Thanks to our digital Store, companies can easily purchase, test and deploy APIs for new applications.

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Smart Mobility

KPN wants to play a connecting role in Dutch society. An example is our position in the mobility sector. Here we develop a data ecosystem with which we obtain insights to guide traffic from A to B as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Security and identity

KPN also connects companies and consumers in digital security. With Mobile Connect we ensure that users can log in to our partners' websites quickly, easily and extra securely.

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Facts KPN New Business

Established: 2015

Objective: separate unit with focus on innovations for KPN. Driven by client wishes, with a non-corporate way of working (such as lean startup, design thinking, growth hacking), whether or not in collaboration with innovative external parties.

Number of collaborations: 200+

Examples of innovations: KPN Vitaal, KPN SmartHome, Mobile Connect, API store, data service hub, ZorgNed, CardioSecur, IoT-solutions (ANWB bicycle lock, Van Happen Containers track & trace), smart cities, smart mobility 5G lab Hengelo.

Contact: Kpnnewbusiness@kpn.com

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