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KPN Ventures

Investing in entrepreneurial talent

KPN Ventures invests in promising start-ups. This allows us to accelerate the development of ideas, products and applications. And, it's also helping our customers move forward.

We live in a world in which new technologies are rapidly surpassed by even more innovative technologies. To stay ahead in this world, it is more important than ever to work together with talented entrepreneurs. Start-ups that develop innovative products that can benefit our customers. And that we can use to make the Netherlands a little safer, more sustainable and better.

Helping each other move forward

We believe that start-ups have a lot to offer us – and we have a lot to offer them. That is why our investment fund KPN Ventures offers them not only access to growth capital, but also to our extensive knowledge of ICT technology, marketing and sales, as well as our broad network of business partners and customers. This way, start-ups can grow and mature faster. And with their creativity and short time-to-market they can also improve our products.

KPN Ventures invests – directly or indirectly – in proven and scalable innovations in the field of the Internet of Things, Connected Home, Cyber Security, eHealth, Cloud Services and Data & Analytics solutions.

We believe in outside-in innovation: we innovate by learning from enterprising start-ups in the whole ecosystem. Because a positive and innovative start-up climate benefits everyone: entrepreneurs, start-ups, our partners, customers and us. In this way, we are helping Dutch society as a whole develop.

"KPN is in a market full of technological developments, where much is to be gained from working with entrepreneurial talent and by investing in innovative companies"
- Herman Kienhuis, directeur KPN Ventures
Jasper Wireless

We have a lot to offer start-ups and scale-ups. And they can mean a lot to us. Our partnership with Jasper Wireless, a pioneer in cloud-based platforms, is proof of this. Their solutions help customers manage all their devices connected via the Internet of Things. This way, businesses can implement their own IoT services on a global scale. With Jasper Wireless, KPN has found the perfect partner to connect our customers to a reliable online platform.

But it’s not just KPN customers who can benefit from this innovative service. By participating in Jasper Wireless we gained a financial advantage too. That was certainly the case in February 2016, when Jasper Wireless was taken over by Cisco for 1.4 billion dollars.

Revenues from the sale of our stake in Jasper Wireless have been added to the reserves of our KPN Ventures investment fund. This will allow us to keep investing in young technology companies that are developing the Netherlands.

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Actility helpt KPN aan LoRa

KPN Ventures zoekt altijd naar strategische investeringen. In ondernemingen die met hun expertise KPN en haar klanten verder kunnen helpen. Zo investeerde KPN Ventures in 2015 in het Franse IoT-bedrijf Actility. Dankzij de technologie van Actility heeft KPN in 2016, als eerste ter wereld, een landelijk dekkend LoRa-communicatienetwerk gelanceerd, voor digitaal verbonden sensoren. Via dit energiezuinige en kostenefficiënte netwerk geven inmiddels honderdduizenden sensoren draadloos hun data door. Voor slimme oplossingen, van dijkbewaking tot vuilnismanagement.

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Ouderen wonen zelfstandig met Sensara

De innovaties waar KPN Ventures in investeert, dragen bij aan de doelen die KPN stelt. Bijvoorbeeld onze ambitie om de zorg goed en betaalbaar te houden. In 2017 investeerde KPN Ventures in het Rotterdamse Sensara, een spin-off van TNO. Sensara heeft een persoonlijk alarmsysteem ontwikkeld, op basis van slimme sensoren. Met hun technologie verbeteren zij de ouderenzorg en helpen zij ouderen langer zelfstandig thuis te wonen. KPN Health is distributiepartner van Sensara en ondersteunt de verkoop van het systeem, aan zorginstellingen en direct aan mantelzorgers.

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Fact box KPN Ventures

Established: 2015

Fund size: 70 million

Director: Herman Kienhuis

Objective: To promote outside-in innovation, the creation of strategic partnerships with innovative technology companies and achieving a healthy return on invested capital.

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