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KPN Technology Book: innovate by combining

New technologies make our lives easier. We are more efficient, we feel safer and are more accessible than ever. New technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the Internet of Things play a crucial role in this. At the same time, these developments raise questions. Do they put our safety at risk and do we have to worry about computers that are smarter than us? To understand the opportunities and challenges of new technologies, we have selected the most exciting trends for KPN, its partners and customers, including:

  1. Next Generation Infrastructure
  2. 5G
  3. Internet of Thing
  4. Data-driven society
  5. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  6. APIs
  7. Blockchain
  8. Identity management
  9. Mixed reality
  10. Quantum Technology
  11. Photonics
  12. Connected and automated driving
  13. Technology and ethics

Looking at the technology trends, one can still see an important development. Often new applications arise from a combination of different existing technologies. This applies to Mixed Reality and Data-driven Society, but certainly also to the development of the self-driving car. By linking innovations we can already use Connected Driving. As a result, vehicles themselves can call emergency services after an accident and drivers get live information about speed cameras via Flitsmeister.

The Technology Book clearly shows one thing: there is no lack of innovations. But how do we make them practically usable? For that goal, we must continue to share ideas and experiences with each other. An ongoing dialogue about opportunities and challenges is crucial. Because only together we can succeed in getting the most out of all these technologies. Do you wish to know more about the tech trends that are changing your company and society?

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