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KPN Technology Labs

Making innovation tangible
and applicable

New services that bring enjoyment and convenience. With this goal in mind, KPN Technology Labs are exploring the boundaries of technology. And, where necessary, we are pushing these boundaries.

Innovation does not just happen; genuine innovation requires hard work, discipline and structure. It is more than just generating ideas. You can’t make a difference with just a good idea. But you can with a tangible, end-user tested application.

We know all about this at KPN Technology Labs. Recently announced or introduced technology was already being developed years ago in KPN Technology Labs. Think of, for example, Voice over LTE (calling via fast mobile internet), LoRa (a super-efficient network that connects devices to the Internet of Things) ,Voice over WiFi (calling via WiFi), and Blockchain applications (the technology behind Bitcoin).

Field Labs

KPN Technology Labs is a collection of multidisciplinary telecommunications and ICT labs. Here, KPN experts work together with customers, developers and suppliers. Side by side, we’re transforming ideas into concrete products or services. We test these with the public in our Field Labs (test centers).

We prefer to set the Field Labs up at our partners. A good example is the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center, which we’ve established in collaboration with, among others, Amsterdam ArenA and TNO. At this testing ground for innovation, we develop and test smart technological inventions.

And in North Groningen, we are researching ultrafast 5G internet together with TNO, Huawei and Ericsson. The Loppersum area is the first rural area in the world with such a network. This new standard for mobile internet is faster than 4G, but also makes it possible for larger numbers of devices to be connected to the network simultaneously, the so-called ‘connected society’

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Case study:
Tiled Streaming

One of the technological concepts that we’re developing at the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center is an application by Tiled Streaming. This technology makes it possible to view real-time, high resolution (UHD or even up to 4K) images captures on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Usually, zooming in on video images happens locally on a mobile device. Tiled Streaming offers the option to send only the requested zoomed-in image to a device in real time, significantly reducing the required bandwidth.

Where will this innovation lead? 

Tiled Streaming means that, in future, everyone gets to play at being a cameraman. In real-time, on your own mobile device. In combination with tracking – that allows you to follow a runner, singer or footballer – in tomorrow’s world you can zoom in on the images you want to see during a concert or sporting event. On your own phone, in high resolution. This is tangible innovation.

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Facts about KPN Technology Labs

Established in: 2015

Director: Perry Jackson

Objective: KPN Technology Labs makes tangible and applicable innovations by merging technical experiments with existing network infrastructures and by developing new technologies.

Examples of innovations: Voice over LTE, LoRa, Voice over WiFi, 5G-internet (test phase).

Contact: Do you want to know more or to get in touch with KPN Technology Labs? Send an email.


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