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The New Way of Working

Healthier, more efficient and greener

Many Dutch people get to work where and when they want. Thanks to smart technology, time and location no longer play a role. Contact with colleagues, collaboration, file sharing: you decide yourself when and where you work. KPN is constantly developing applications than can help employers and employees move forward.

The way in which we work is changing. The Netherlands is rapidly becoming a 24-hour economy in which we are no longer dependent on a workstation. Everyone sitting in traffic every morning in order to get to the office and sit behind a screen: it is inefficient, bad for the environment and incurs unnecessary costs. What’s more, it is outdated. With KPN’s reliable networks and digital possibilities, Dutch people can work wherever and whenever they want to.

A new dynamic

A more flexible way of working brings with it a new dynamic. For example, the boundary between work and personal life is becoming blurred. This offers chances for a better work-life balance, as Dutch people are given the freedom to plan their day in the best way possible. With smart technology and quick access to documents and applications, ever more people are deciding themselves where and when they work. This requires companies to organize themselves in a new way; it’s not the number of hours worked or being present in the office that matters, but the achieved result.

Working where and when you want, must suit an employee. Some Dutch people prefer to stick to a fixed workplace and fixed hours. But the newest generation of working people has grown up in a digital world. They are used to deciding themselves where and when they are connected. In a few years, almost half of the working population will consist of these mobile, flexible knowledge workers. That’s why KPN is already looking into new solutions now for the way we are going to work in future.

Reduced CO₂ emissions

The flexibility to decide yourself where to work gives employees freedom. At the same time, these new applications help companies save costs and reduce their impact on the environment. This way, employees limit the number of kilometers they are driving with their car and organizations need to rent less office space. And we are talking here from experience: KPN embraced the New Way of Working years ago. Many colleagues decide themselves where they work: in the office, at home or somewhere else. As a result, we have drastically reduced our floor space, as well as the CO2 emissions of our company fleet.

The New Way of Living

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