29 August 2013 - The company

KPN notes that Foundation Preference Shares B KPN exercised call option

Royal KPN N.V.’s (“KPN”) Supervisory Board and Board of Management (the “KPN Boards”) have been informed by the Foundation Preference Shares B KPN that it has exercised its call option to subscribe for preference shares B in KPN. The KPN Boards record that as a consequence thereof currently 4,258,098,272 preference shares B are outstanding with the Foundation Preference Shares B KPN.

The foundation expressed that it came to its decision in order to safeguard the interests of KPN and its stakeholders, as América Móvil announced its intention to make a public offer for all KPN shares on 9 August 2013 without prior consultation with KPN. The foundation emphasized that it supports the sale of E-Plus, it will be holding the preference shares B only temporarily and from time to time it will be considering when the preference shares B should be redeemed.

In accordance with the existing statutory provision, 25% of the nominal value on the preference shares B has been paid. These preference shares B carry the right to exercise 4,258,098,272 votes in each (extraordinary) general meeting of shareholders of KPN, as long as these preference shares B are outstanding.

The purpose of Foundation Preference Shares B KPN is to promote the interests of KPN and its associated entities and all its stakeholders.