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27 February 2017 - The company

Publication of KPN’s Integrated Annual Report 2016 and AGM agenda

Today, KPN published its Integrated Annual Report 2016. In his introduction, CEO Eelco Blok reflects on a year in which KPN achieved good results with its “Simplify, Grow, Innovate” strategy and successfully continued its efforts to help The Netherlands move forward with digital transformation and in the area of sustainability. KPN has also published the agenda of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) including the proposed reappointment of two Supervisory Board members.

High value base growth and increased customer satisfaction

KPN’s strategy of bundling fixed and mobile services in combination with investments in innovative technologies and networks led to growth in its high value consumer base and further improvement in customer satisfaction. This approach also led to a substantial improvement in customer satisfaction in the Business segment, supported by KPN’s focus on growing ICT services. The disciplined focus on costs and successful completion of the first wave of the Simplification program have resulted in a structurally lower cost level.

Sustainability efforts recognized

KPN uses its connectivity position to make a positive contribution to digital transformation and sustainability in The Netherlands. KPN’s efforts in this area were again recognized with rankings in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project). KPN took the next step in making the company more sustainable by formulating the ambition of being virtually 100% circular by 2025 with respect to new equipment in networks and buildings.

The Integrated Annual Report 2016, including additional downloadable appendices and a series of videos on the impact of ICT in the years ahead, is now available online on www.kpn.com/annualreport.

AGM: Intended reappointments to the Supervisory Board and Board of Management

The Supervisory Board of KPN nominates Mr Haank and Mr García Moreno Elizondo for reappointment as members of the Supervisory Board at the AGM on 12 April 2017. In addition, as already announced on 19 January 2017, the Supervisory Board intends to reappoint Mr Farwerck as a member of the Board of Management and Chief Operations Officer, for a second four-year term.

The full agenda, including the additional resolutions put forward to the AGM, is now available on the
KPN website (www.kpn.com/ir). KPN’s AGM will be held at KPN’s headquarters in The Hague on Wednesday 12 April 2017.