Mijn Kpn App

29 October 2018 - The company

KPN introduces a fully updated MijnKPN environment

KPN launches an updated MijnKPN environment. Both the app and the website have been fully updated. The updated environment offers customers the opportunity to manage their data better and to make optimal use of their products. With MijnKPN, customers can easily manage their subscription and, for example, share MBs and view their invoice.

Development process

Both customers and employees were involved in thinking about and testing MijnKPN during development of the update. With this valuable feedback, the app has been optimally adapted to the personal wishes of KPN customers.

Ongoing development

In the coming period, the app and the website will be developed further. The app will be further expanded with, among other things, a completely updated chat function. It will also be possible to follow orders via the app.

Click here for an animation about the new MijnKPN app.