04 September 2018 - Our network

KPN upgrades Digitenne

KPN has started the transition of Digitenne to the new technical standard for digital terrestrial television, DVB-T2. Digitenne is a TV product that offers high-quality wireless television via ethernet. The transition to the new technical standard is a requirement under the license issued to KPN.

New network, new TV receivers

In September KPN will begin preparations to upgrade Digitenne for customers. The station frequency will change and the broadcasting technique will be updated from DVB-T1 to DVB-T2. The upgrade will proceed on a region-by-region basis, starting with North-East Netherlands on October 2. Other regions will follow in 2019.

To continue making use of Digitenne, customers will have to exchange their old Digitenne equipment for a new TV receiver. Customers are being notified of this. The upgrade will be implemented throughout the Netherlands no later than January 1, 2020.

HD picture quality

In parallel with the transition to DVB-T2 KPN is improving the Digitenne product. The picture quality will be enhanced from SD to HD and the number of stations will not change.

For many years, Digitenne has been catering to the specific demands of many TV customers. For example, wireless television via Digitenne is used on campsites, in the shipping sector and in places where a fixed TV connection is impossible.