Beste uit de test oktober 2019

21 October 2019 - Our network

Consumer Association voted KPN best mobile provider Q3

Consumentenbond (Consumers' Association) has judged KPN ‘Best mobile provider’ in the Netherlands for the third quarter, from July to September 2019. A great sign of appreciation from customers for our products and services.

The KPN brand comes out as ‘Best on Test’ among mobile providers, in joint first place with Simyo, also part of KPN. Consumentenbond’s customer panel has rated the quality of KPN’s and Simyo's mobile subscriptions as 8.3. The high score for KPN is partly due to a change in our terms and conditions. With KPN Hussel, you can now freely adjust a subscription in a way that was not previously possible.

Customers are very satisfied with all aspects, including network coverage, telephoning, internet, and texting. There are few reports of administrative problems and KPN’s terms and conditions are judged as the best.

Consumentenbond’s test score
Every month, thousands of Consumentenbond panel members share their experiences of providers. They judge the quality, report any disruptions, and indicate how satisfied they are. Consumentenbond bases the test scores on this consumer data. The total test score is made up of various components.

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