PON plaatje

04 October 2019 - Our network

First fiber-optic connection (FTTH) with PON technology

This week, in Yerseke in Zeeland, the first KPN customer was connected to fiber optic with PON technology. Thanks to this new technology, very high gigabit speeds are becoming available in the roll-out of fiber optic.

PON stands for Passive Optical Network, a new technology that makes it easier to roll-out fiber optic in the Netherlands and, in addition, offers customers very high gigabit speeds. We’re starting with 1Gbps (G-PON), but because the network is prepped for XGS-PON, 10Gbps is within reach.

For PON technology, no extra active equipment is needed in the neighborhood and KPN can deal with smaller junction boxes. What’s more, these junction boxes do not need power and make no noise, and because they are smaller the permit process is also simpler.

This means KPN is ready for the future and more and more households are getting efficient access to a super-fast gigabit connection. This underscores KPN's ambition to build the Dutch digital highway.

PON plaatje