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06 June 2019 - The company

Integrating XS4ALL into KPN: request for advice submitted by Works Council

The request for advice for the integration of XS4ALL into KPN was submitted today to the XS4ALL Works Council. This request for advice results from the announcement on January 10 of this year in which KPN made known its intention to continue the services of the various brands, including XS4ALL, under the KPN brand in the course of 2019 and 2020. This is in line with the ambition to serve all the customer groups in the various segments with the KPN brand.

In the past few months the management of KPN and XS4ALL, along with the Works Council, have conscientiously examined several scenarios for the future of XS4ALL. Taking everything into consideration, the management of KPN and XS4ALL have come to the conclusion that integrating XS4ALL fully into KPN offers the best future prospects both for customers and employees and in terms of market position. The aim is to complete the integration process by the end of 2020.

Customers satisfaction paramount

XS4ALL and KPN put customers satisfaction first. The guiding principle of the integration is that XS4ALL customers should retain the strong, unique and valuable features of the service provided by XS4ALL and that these features should be made available to KPN customers as well. The primary consideration is that the integration of XS4ALL and KPN must ultimately result in customers getting even better service. Customers will transfer only when the offered product is equivalent to or better than what they now get. The KPN product will therefore contain specific services. For instance, a new customer contact center with a technical helpdesk with be set up and manned by experts from XS4ALL. In addition, services are to be developed to allow customers freedom of choice in the purchase of a modem. XS4ALL customers can retain their present modem and e-mail address.

Fostering cooperation and synergy

The plan is to merge the XS4ALL departments Commerce, Technical & Operations, Customer Contact and HR with the respective KPN departments with effect from August 1, 2019. This will foster successful cooperation and synergy, serving several goals:

  • Keeping as many employees’ jobs as possible
  • Retaining and using the good features of XS4ALL for KPN: the people, the knowledge and the expertise
  • Continuing the current quality of the services provided to customers

Everyone will be transferred to KPN on that day. In the subsequent period a job at KPN will be offered to the vast majority of the employees of XS4ALL. For the others, KPN will do everything possible to help them to get a new job, whether within KPN or elsewhere.