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08 July 2019 - Our network

Judge rules in favor of KPN: The advertising campaign “Better Network Better Life” can continue as usual

KPN is pleased that the mid-Netherlands court has today ruled in favor of KPN in the summary proceedings initiated by T-Mobile in relation to the “Better Network, Better Life” campaign.

KPN explained to the court that the campaign is about improvements to its own network and is not a comparison with other networks. The campaign is about the fact that life is better now because the improved network offers many more possibilities. Actions and activities that were previously not possible, for example, connecting a coffee machine to an alarm clock so that the coffee is ready and waiting when you get up, video calls, or watching television on a roof terrace. A better network has made life much better, more versatile, more efficient, and much easier.

In the last 10 years, KPN has invested more than 10 billion euros in fixed and mobile networks, has received frequent acknowledgements, and has already connected 2.3 million households to the future fixed glass-fiber network.