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12 July 2019 - Our network

KPN introduces Smart Combinations for corporate market

Smart combinations of services are geared fully to each other

KPN is standardizing its range of products for the corporate market, allowing a variety of services work together to best advantage. With Smart Combinations, businesses opt for combinations of network, ICT and security services that are geared fully to each other. This will enable KPN to keep its promise to corporate customers that employees are available anytime, anywhere, and that cooperation will genuinely be made easy, while security and availability are guaranteed.

The Smart Combinations will be introduced in phases. Cloud Communications, Secure Networking and Connected Workplace are to be introduced in 2019. KPN is developing Smart Combinations in partnership with firms that include Cisco and Microsoft, on the basis of their standard solutions.

Best practices
KPN has selected the best services on the market for Cloud Communications, Secure Networking and Connected Workplace, which will be supplied both over the IP-VPN business networks and over KPN’s corporate Internet connections. The solutions are based on KPN best practices, thereby guaranteeing fast, predictable implementation as well as continuous innovation, security and availability. In this way, corporate customers can focus on the digitization of their operations without having to worry about networking, ICT and security. Through comprehensive digitization KPN makes it possible for the functionality to be available quickly and customers have access to full details and controls online. This means that KPN can offer companies the flexibility and speed that is needed in the rapidly evolving market.

Cloud Communications offers solutions for fixed line calls, mobile calls and Internet, so that the user is accessible anytime, anywhere. Secure Networking is intended for organizations that want flexible, secure and reliable data within and between their offices. It uses technology such as SD-WAN and SD-LAN. Connected Workplace organizes cooperation between employees.

Building blocks
KPN is the first company in the Dutch corporate market to introduce such a wide range of integrated and standardized products. The customer does not need to purchase everything that is available but chooses for the building blocks he needs to set up the infrastructure. Smart Combinations has a single service desk. As KPN gets a better overview of what the customer needs, it can also give advice pro-actively.

According to Jilles Limburg, director marketing at KPN Corporate Market, companies want flexible ICT that is secure and reliable. “With Smart Combinations customers get flexibility in the domain of network, ICT and security”, says Limburg. “The benefits of the integration can be considerable as well. For example, greater cooperation and more functionality lead to lower costs.”

About KPN
KPN offers secure, reliable and future-proof networks and services, with the aim of connecting people anywhere and at any time, at the same time creating a cleaner and more prosperous world. KPN uses five themes to realize its ambitions: innovation (giving meaning to technology), being at the heart of society (connecting the Netherlands), sustainability (making things a little bit greener every day), our network (the digital highway of the Netherlands) and security (everyone online without a worry). For corporate customers KPN also provides fully managed telecommunication and ICT solutions and advice for cloud-based workstations, ready-to-run IoT solutions, IT security services and suchlike.