30 July 2019 - Our network

KPN introduces a viewing environment tailor-made for and by children between 0-6 years old

KPN is introducing an environment on the iTV app specially made for children between the ages of 0 and 6 to watch films and series on a tablet in a safe and child-friendly way. KPN customers with a Kidspakket or Pluspakket can access this space via the KPN iTV app for tablets (iOS and Android). Here, free films and series, such as Bob the Builder and Dora, are shown, which KPN offers as part of the Kids- or Pluspakket. Currently, the environment is only accessible via the KPN iTV app on tablets. KPN is looking into possibilities for other devices.

Parents consider it important to let their child learn while playing in a safe and manageable environment. Parents want the videos that their children watch to be suitable. KPN research amongst parents show that too often children are watching undesirable videos, for example via YouTube, and parents do not always have a clear view of this.

Stijn Nuijten, KPN Director of Marketing, Consumer Market explains: “Media safety is very important for parents, that’s why we have developed a space especially for children where they can enjoy series and films worry free. Parents appreciate this protected and child-friendly solution that means they can offer their young children a lot of entertainment and, at the same time, they can be sure that the viewing content is appropriate to their child’s experiences.”

In the kids’ environment children can watch in a playful and easy way. Fly with the rocket through all the episodes of your favorite series or films. There is always something new to discover in the offering of more than 250 films and series. KPN has developed the environment itself with the input of children.

The kids’ environment has a space theme and the rocket is controlled by different characters known to children, such as Fireman Sam, Dora, and Bob the Builder. By clicking on the characters, the app automatically starts playing. Under the rocket you can find even more films and series that are freely available.

The environment is specially designed by and for the intuitive use of children from 0-6 years old. For example, playback starts automatically and switches to a full screen in a few seconds. And the next episode of a series starts automatically too.

The screen time is safeguarded by a timer, which limits the maximum viewing time, the time is currently available for iOS and by the end of the year it will also be available for Android. Exit from the environment is secured with a simple sum.

In addition, we’ve also thought about the settings for the Child lock, which all KPN customers can configure. For example, if the ‘Fear’ genre is blocked on the TV receiver, then films and series in this genre are not shown in the child's space.

With the development of the Kids’ space, KPN is continuing to build on the optimal experience and ease of use of the iTV app.

KPN helps parents and children with digital upbringing, entertainment and education
With this space, KPN wants to offer parents a solution for their children. The child’s space offers one overview and a closed environment for all their favorite films and programs. Other examples of what else KPN is doing to help parents and children in the digital world can be found on