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17 June 2019 - Our network

KPN introduces workstation with Microsoft 365 for corporate customers

Employees can work together quickly and effectively wherever they are

KPN is introducing a managed workstation for businesses in the Netherlands that is always up to date. The workstation is based on Microsoft 365. Employees can use it to work effectively with one another without their employer having to worry about security and management. The new workstation makes use of the cloud and is geared to the work of the individual employee, to the benefit of optimal performance. The new service fits in with KPN's strategy of focusing on IT services that are strongly linked to connectivity.

The new workstation is suited for companies with five employees to those with several thousand. The customer gets a workstation based on Microsoft 365 that is managed by KPN or a business partner. Migrating, implementing and managing workstations is time-consuming and requires a lot of expertise. Time and money are saved by outsourcing these tasks. Additionally, the customer is assured that the workstation is equipped with the latest updates, technologies and tools. KPN helps customers to ensure that the workstations are welcomed with open arms by employees.

Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365 KPN offers customers the latest version of Windows and the Office applications, combined with intelligent workstation security. As well as the familiar apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint employees get e-mail and diary. Tools such as SharePoint and Teams make it even easier and more fun to work with colleagues. And employees can also continue using their other business applications. The advanced security options protect the employees and their business tools against unsafe attachments, fraudulent links and malware.

'Nowadays smart collaboration by using Microsoft 365 for businesses is an essential instrument in achieving success,' says Surya Ramkumar, director of Services at Microsoft Nederland. 'I am pleased with the result of the partnership between KPN and Microsoft and the innovative value that the new KPN workstations offer to Dutch businesses. This is yet another example of how Microsoft enables every organization to achieve greater things.'

Suitable workstation

'In the managed workstations we combine connectivity, convenience and security, so customers can access their own work environment anytime, anywhere', adds Jilles Limburg, head of marketing Business Market at KPN. 'Based on many years of experience KPN has developed a variety of work profiles so that there is a suitable workstation for every type of employee. In this way, we help Dutch businesses to make progress through smart combinations of telecom, ICT and security services. With the support of the fixed and mobile network our customers can always get the most out of their working day.'

For more information about the new workstation of KPN, SMEs can approach one of KPN's business partners. Larger organizations can discuss the possibilities with their account manager.

About KPN

KPN offers secure, reliable and future-proof networks and services, with the aim of connecting people anywhere and at any time, at the same time creating a cleaner and more prosperous world. KPN uses five themes to realize its ambitions: innovation (giving meaning to technology), being at the heart of society (connecting the Netherlands), sustainability (making things a little bit greener every day), our network (the digital highway of the Netherlands) and security (everyone online without a worry). For corporate customers KPN also provides fully managed telecommunication and ICT solutions and advice for cloud-based workstations, ready-to-run IoT solutions, IT security services and suchlike.