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26 September 2019 - The company

KPN reaction to XS4ALL comments

KPN and XS4ALL have taken note of a letter from the action committee xs4allmoetblijven that was sent to the XS4ALL Works Council. This letter refers to, among other things, discussions between KPN and the action committee earlier this year about a possible sale of XS4ALL.

XS4ALL announced last week that it is sticking to the plan to merge XS4ALL with KPN. XS4ALL went through a meticulous decision-making process in that regard and considered four different scenarios. After weighing the pros and cons, XS4ALL has opted for the integration of XS4ALL with KPN, in the interest of customers, employees and KPN. By putting the focus on the KPN brand, KPN wants to pool its resources and offer the best of all the brands to a wider group of customers. It is the intention of KPN and XS4ALL that the strong points of XS4ALL will be reflected in KPN’s offerings, so that they become available to a wider group of customers.

The aim of this strategy is for KPN to become the undisputed quality leader in the Netherlands with the best services, service level and networks. To achieve this, KPN is expanding the Netherlands’ digital highway by rolling out fiber on a large scale in the coming years and by getting its 5G mobile network ready. KPN will thereby further digitize its services so as to offer customers the best experience at all times, wherever they are. Selling broadband components is not appropriate to this strategy. KPN has informed the action committee of this.