Slimme deals bij KPN voor voordeelzoekers

06 August 2019 - Our network

Smart deals at KPN for bargain hunters

“Who would’ve thought that, from a private beach to all-inclusive with a writst strap.” Hans tells us in the new campaign that there are plenty of smart deals to be found at KPN too.

Following the announcement of KPN’s new brand strategy at the start of this year, Telfort stopped actively recruiting new customers in May. Telfort’s target group could be characterized as ‘Bargain hunter’. For years they were addressed by Hans, the ex-millionaire, who (also) had to watch his spending and therefore took advantage of Telfort’s smart deals. In the new campaign, Hans points out to everyone in the Netherlands that the bargain hunter can also turn to KPN: “Because now Telfort is becoming KPN, there are still plenty of smart deals to be found.”

New campaign
Hans, the ex-millionaire, was a core element of Telfort marketing. With his famous words “‘Who would have thought that, from…to ….!”, he developed into one of the most successful advertising characters in recent years. KPN would like to continue addressing the (former) Telfort target group. And who better to tell our story than Hans? In the new campaign Hans is staying with his family in an all-inclusive resort. “Because if you pay attention, you can score a good deal”, says Hans. The TV commercial is, of course, full of the necessary jokes and ends with the key message: Telfort is becoming KPN. The smart deals are staying.

The new campaign runs until 31 August. Naturally, KPN is also immediately introducing two smart deals, starting with the Samsung S9, with a subscription for only € 35,00, and including a bath towel. And KPN will have another smart offer in the last two weeks of August.