5 G bericht 02 03 2020

02 March 2020 - Our network

KPN starts 5G tests with consumers

Rotterdam, March 2, 2020 – From today, anyone can test out 5G in practice with KPN. The launch is at the KPN XL store in Rotterdam Alexandrium, where people can experience 5G on an LG V60 smartphone with two screens and compare it with 4G. More stores will take part soon.

KPN is allowing the Netherlands to get to know the innovative 5G technology, an important catalyst for the further digitization of Dutch society. “From now on consumers can discover via KPN what the extra speed, precision and shorter response time of 5G mean for the mobile user experience,” says Jacob Groote, director of 5G at KPN. “The potential of this new generation of networks is huge and will gradually become apparent. 5G is really revolutionary for virtual reality and gaming, as it is for business sectors.”

KPN is the leader in the Netherlands in the field of 5G. For more than two years KPN, along with customers and partners, has been testing the added value of 5G in several 5G FieldLabs in various segments of industry. KPN is working hard to enhance the Dutch network by rolling out fiber optics and modernizing its mobile network. This means that the network is ready for 5G and, at the same time, 4G is getting better too. The first 5G devices are now available in the KPN stores, following the 5G-ready subscriptions, which KPN announced at the end of last year with the introduction of KPN Hussel.

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