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04 February 2020 - The company

Members of Board of Management buy KPN shares

Today, four members of the Board of Management have purchased KPN shares, demonstrating their confidence in the operational, financial and strategic progress of KPN.

  • Joost Farwerck, CEO of KPN, has purchased 40,000 KPN shares. Mr. Farwerck now owns 447,153 ordinary shares and 732,643 conditional shares in KPN.
  • Hilde Garssen, Chief People Officer of KPN, has purchased 19,750 KPN shares. Mrs. Garssen now owns 19,750 ordinary shares and 62,454 conditional shares in KPN.
  • Jean Pascal van Overbeke, Chief Consumer Market of KPN, has purchased 19,700 KPN shares. Mr. van Overbeke now owns 19,700 ordinary shares and 311,509 conditional shares in KPN.
  • Marieke Snoep, Chief Business Market of KPN, has purchased 10,000 KPN shares. Mrs. Snoep now owns 10,000 ordinary shares and 156,136 conditional shares in KPN.

In line with KPN’s remuneration policy, KPN’s board members are encouraged to build up share positions representing an amount of 250% of base salary for the CEO and 150% of base salary for the other members of the Board of Management within five years.