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Innovative, secure and easy

Divider offers customers innovative solutions via unique services at a time when ICT infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex. With the help of Software Defined Networking the company is already responding to future developments.

ICT infrastructure is becoming more complex due to more users, an increase in the number of cloud applications, related security issues and the growing demand for bandwidth.

Through Software Defined Networking, Divider offers its customers unique services. SD networking uses software- and cloud technologies to facilitate the delivery of Wide Area Network services (WAN) to locations. With a SD networking solution, a so-called overlay network is built on top of the existing infrastructure. This network is entirely software-based and built and managed remotely.

The future of networks

Software Defined Networking is the future of both WAN and Local Area Networks (LAN). Divider sees these two domains increasingly merging and has already been committed to this shift for several years. Divider delivers SDN in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The technology can be used in combination with any other type of network, regardless of the hardware used.

Secure and easy

Software Defined Networking is already a step forward in relation to traditionally employed technologies. In order to serve its customers better, Divider focuses on Service Defined Networking. This is a service model that makes service provision more flexible, secure and innovative.

Customers get services that are secure and that easily meet their needs. In addition, services can be rolled out quickly and faults resolved quickly and, usually, remotely. In the coming years, the innovations and the service package will be expanded, creating a service platform for customers that supports business processes efficiently.

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Facts about Divider

Most important activities: WAN, LAN, WiFi and telephony

Established: 2000

Specifics: specialized in Software/Service Defined Networking


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