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International telephone and data traffic hub

With iBasis, KPN is focusing on the wholesale market for global telephony services. iBasis provides more than 20 billion minutes of international calls in more than 100 countries every year. This way, we serve thousands of network administrators and providers throughout the world.

iBasis facilitates international incoming telephone traffic, enabling global telephone calls. In addition to telephony, iBasis also delivers signaling services for smart connections between providers and roaming via fast mobile internet (LTE/4G). These services offer added value to mobile network administrators worldwide. Among the company’s customers are thousands of fixed and mobile network administrators, providers of internet phone calls (VoIP) and Over-The- Top-providers (OTT) such as online video and chat services.

iBasis is a leading international player in the field of international telephone traffic. Over the past five years, the company has grown into the third largest global player in the area of international data traffic.

With its global network and extensive experience with IP communication, iBasis helps its customers achieve international success. iBasis helps to connect fixed and mobile networks and builds bridges between different technologies, such as traditional TDM telephony, IP eXchange (IPX) for internet telephone calls and data and telephony (VoLTE and HD Voice) via fast mobile internet (4G/LTE). As an IPX provider, iBasis is increasingly delivering services globally to the rapidly growing number of Internet of Things suppliers. iBasis has an international corporate culture. Its head office is in the US. With Network Operations Centers in, among others, Lexington (US), Hong Kong and New Delhi, and network facilities and sales offices in some 20 countries, iBasis is a global presence.

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Facts about iBasis

Most important activities: connecting international telephone and data traffic.

Year of establishment: 1996, part of KPN since 2009.

Particulars: iBasis processes more than 20 billion minutes of international calls in more than 100 countries every year.

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