Recognition for open innovation with startups by KPN

In 2022, KPN has once again been one of the most active companies engaged in open innovation with startups and scaleups. This is the fifth time that KPN has been recognized by the international startup community.

KPN has been collaborating closely with young, innovative technology companies for many years and is also an active presence in the ecosystem with various events and challenges. On the one hand to discover and utilize its own opportunities for innovation and on the other hand to accelerate the growth of those startups. Partly for this reason, KPN was once again proclaimed 'Open Innovation Challenger' by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and consultancy firm Mind the Bridge.

The recent collaboration with Cequence is a prime example of KPN’s engagement in this area: not only did the young, innovative company benefit from an investment from KPN Ventures, but it also means that the startup’s API Security solution can make a major contribution to protecting the applications of KPN’s business customers. In this way, organizations and users are even better protected against a surge in API-targeted cyber-attacks on internet, mobile, and IoT applications.

Open innovation between KPN and startups and scaleups also resulted in the collaboration with Speaksee. This innovative technology helps deaf and hard-of-hearing people to participate more easily in group discussions, thereby offering employers the opportunity to increase inclusivity in the workplace. KPN has tested Speaksee extensively, equipped its offices with it, and several employees use it on a daily basis.