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Internet of Things

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Cars are getting smarter and safer, companies are managing their stocks more efficiently and online drug dispensers signal when a user forgets to take his pills. The physical world is becoming rapidly connected: that is the Internet of Things. KPN developed the LoRa network to ensure that devices can send information quickly and reliably.

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers an infinite amount of new possibilities. By connecting objects with each other, we gain unprecedented new insights. Such as the location of a suitcase at Schiphol airport or the whereabouts of a shipped package. On the basis of this valuable information, systems can automatically take action. Such as a heart monitor that signals when there are irregularities. Or office spaces where the heating and lighting switches off automatically when there are no people around.

The expectation is that in 2020 approximately 25 billion objects will be connected to the internet. Already thousands of devices and objects are communicating every day online. That is good news. The IoT ensures, that, for example, we’re only using man-hours when it is necessary and that we are using our raw materials more efficiently. KPN is keeping all these devices connected. We’re also helping other organizations to develop new IoT applications. We do that, for example, at the Internet of Things Academy, co-founded by KPN.

LoRa network

IoT innovation forms the basis of our LoRa network. In fact, as of 2016, the Netherlands is the first country in the world to have a LoRa network with national coverage. This technology is already connecting millions of objects in the Netherlands with the internet, with minimal costs and energy consumption. Now we have a national network, the way is clear to develop smart applications and to make business operations and service provision smarter and better.


A major challenge for connecting objects online is energy consumption. Ensuring that devices can communicate wirelessly with each other for long periods requires a very low level of power. Our LoRa network makes this possible. Devices that are connected send or receive signals via the network at scheduled intervals. Once the signal has been sent, the device returns to stand-by mode. This makes the LoRa connection super-efficient. An object that is connected via LoRa can send and receive data for 10 years using just 2 AA batteries.

Lopsided traffic signs

LoRa is simple and, at the same time, super smart. A good practical example is traffic signs that are connected via the Internet of Things. KPN is working together with HR Group, the Dutch market leader in traffic signs. Sometimes, signs at the side of the road are lopsided. Employees regularly have to drive around checking this. We can do this smarter. HR Group now provides the signs with a sensor that does 3 things: it signals when the sign has been turned, or if it is no longer standing straight, and once a month it checks that the sensor is still working. These sensors connect the traffic signs to KPN’s LoRa network. A simple solution that, by saving miles and man-hours, makes the signs more efficient.

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Internet of Cows

Connected objects tell us exactly where they are located. For example, a shipped package, a stolen bicycle or: a cow. Even cows can be fitted with smart sensors. That way, a farmer knows exactly where his livestock is. And that’s just the start. Together with researchers at the University of Utrecht, KPN is working on the Happy Healthy Cow project.

To keep cows healthy, they’re being fitted with a sensor that makes contact via the LoRa network. It’s possible to determine the location of every cow, but also to monitor its body temperature, heart rate and movements. This gives the farmer constant and immediate insight into the well-being of his livestock. When a cow needs extra care, a vet can be called straight away.

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